Should I install Realtek Audio driver on laptop?

Therefore, reinstalling Realtek HD Audio Codec drivers can often resolve numerous sound issues on Windows PCs. It makes Microsoft compliant with US Government version 6 revision 1 (USGv6-r1).It stops the start of daylight saving time in Jordan at the end of October 2022. An option, Update All, will update all the drivers your computer needs for proper sound work. Click on rolling back the Start menu and search for Device Manager. Find the Realtek Audio drivers under the Sound section and click on them with the right mouse button. From the menu that pops out, click the Uninstall Device option.

Just like other programs, this Realtek HD Driver audio manager is installed in the system files. After that, you will find a list of programs along with the audio manager. Go back to the device manager, find the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition. This time, right-click it to choose to Uninstall button to uninstall this driver.

  • When it fails, lsass.exe might stop working in schannel.dll.
  • Realtek HD Audio Manager is a tool used to control sound play on Windows 10 computers.
  • If your audio service is not responding, the first thing you should do is check to see if there are any updates available for your audio drivers.

We’ll see how to stop WU from installing driver updates automatically in Windows 11 and Windows 10. However, make sure not to select a restore point where the audio drivers were not working correctly or were missing from the system. There’s no use reverting to this kind of state. Open up the device manager by pressing Windows Key + X and then pressing the M key from the keyboard when the list of options appears on the lower-left corner of your pc screen. Realtek audio drivers can conflict with existing audio drivers . For generic sound, Microsoft installs UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.

Disable Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio & fix driver conflicts

Remove any third-party antivirus software and opt for a better one that’s optimized for Windows 11 and won’t interfere with your audio. Check the audio output, unplug and reconnect the device, then connect it to another system to test its functionality. The Realtek HD Audio Driver can stop working properly if it isn’t updated regularly. If you’re using a wireless connection, check your connection speed with an internet speed test tool. Try closing other running background applications as it can also help improve download speeds as well as increase performance. If you keep all your drivers up to date, you should not face any more problems.

I’ve tried everything I uninstalled from control panel and uninstalled from device manager. When I do uninstall and restart my PC they’re still there, can anyone help me? Click on “Clean and restart” to uninstall the audio drivers and reboot. You should find Realtek HD Audio Manager in the control panel. If this doesn’t work, then you need to reinstall the Realtek audio driver.

What is Realtek HD Audio?

For a better and faster result, it is recommended that you use DriverFix from the start. Then reinstall the Realtek audio driver manually as outlined above. Restart Windows after uninstalling the Realtek audio driver. For more information and solutions confirmed by users, check out our post on how to reinstall the audio driver in Windows 11. If owning a Windows 10 PC instead, take a closer look at the fixes below.

If Realtek updates, that’s good news, but another caveat is that the latest driver isn’t always the best one, and maybe you want to pick a different version of the driver. Or sometimes the latest drivers provided by your motherboard aren’t the latest ones available, and you may be missing out on the best sound quality. You can make various tweaks here to your sound settings that you can’t elsewhere. Realtek HD Audio Manager is among the most common and useful software that Windows users have on their PCs without even realising it. The HD Audio Manager is essentially the GUI end of the Realtek HD Audio Driver, which is the default sound driver for the majority of PC sound cards .

After you have completed the procedures outlined above, restart your computer. Windows will automatically update the driver to the most recent version available. It will also remove any corrupted driver files that may have been present.

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